The purpose of the ‘Network for Change’ is to empower members so they can explore personal and professional development with confidence and become leaders able to foster changes in the museum and heritage sector. The purpose of the network is therefore summarised by our tagline: Investing in Women to Influence the Future.

What are the changes the Network is aiming at?

  • changes in self (personal and professional);
  • changes in how others hear/perceive us;
  • sector change through the actions of the network (for example, members joining boards, mentoring, identifying or becoming role models).

What are the objectives of the Network?

The main objectives of the ‘Network for Change’ are:

  • To facilitate peer support by providing the network with the tools for self and peer-driven problem solving to enable each member to address and meet professional challenges with the support of their peers (via self-led ‘clusters’ on a variety of themes or in 1-1 sessions).
  • To encourage professional development by inviting inspirational speakers at residential programmes and conferences organised by the Network and exploring the possibility of a mentoring scheme with the Women Leaders in Museums Network (WLMN) and other participants of the “Confidence, Choice, Connections” (CCC) leadership scheme.
  • To enable knowledge exchange by creating a Virtual Knowledge Bank (see our Reading and Resources section) for the Network and other women and leaders in the sector.
  • To open the Network to a wider constituency through conferences, board membership, mentoring with a view to influence the museum, heritage and cultural sector.
Members of Network for Change at their 2016 residential